Lakefront Dance Classic

   Sunday, January 13th, 2019   South Milwaukee High School PAC

Rules and Regulations


We thank you in advance for helping us promote good sportsmanship at all of our events.  Being aware of all of our rules and regulations will help our events run as smoothly and safely as possible.  Please read everything carefully and feel free to let us know if you have any questions.  We are more than happy to help!



We reserve the right to disqualify any team that does not follow any of our rules and regulations.  A disqualified team will not receive any award or title.


Performance Categories

All choreography for any category listed below must be age appropriate and appropriate for all family viewing.

 Jazz: This is the ever evolving dance form full of rhythm and syncopation.   Routines focus on technical execution, musicality, and stylized routine execution.

Lyrical: Lyrical is a very expressive type of dance. Dancers use emotion and passion to tell a story while dancing to the music. Lyrical uses techniques from ballet and at the same time showcases a strong interpretation of the music selection as it does in jazz. 

Poms: Pom pons should be used at least 80% of the routine. Poms uses sharp, precise movements to usually a fast tempo style of music. Poms emphasizes uniformity and utilization of pom pons for maximum visual effect.

Hip Hop: Hip hop merges styles from funk, street jazz, pop 'n lock, and break-dance with an emphasis on street style moves, isolations, and team execution.  This style of dance is very similar to what you see in music videos with music styles featuring rap, hip-hop, or R&B. 

Kick: Kick displays a team's synchronization, technique, and flexibility through a variety of kick sequences, kick types, and kick heights.  Emphasis is put on creative choreography, formations, and visuals that highlight kicks and kick technique in a unique and entertaining fashion. 

Tap: Tap is a form of dance characterized by using the sounds of the tap shoes striking the floor.  Rhythmic awareness, clarity, sensitivity to tempo are all crucial to a clean tap performance.


Age Divisions

Lakefront Dance Classic follows the age guidelines set forth by the United States All Star Federation (USASF).  Please visit the USASF website for participant age specifications for each division.



Although we are not having a technical judge and will not be deducting for moves such as lifts, stunting, tumbling,etc., please use your best judgment in the moves you perform. The Lakefront Dance Classic will not be held liable for any injuries incurred as a result of your choreography.  This is included in our waiver form and must be agreed to before participating in our event.



We pride ourselves in having an experienced, professional, and knowledgeable panel of judges.  Our judges will use the Lakefront Dance Classic judging sheets which will be available for pick up after the competition by a team captain or coach.  All judges decisions are final!

 ·        Team routine length is a maximum of three (3) minutes.

·        Solo, duet/trios, and ensembles routine length is a maximum of 90 seconds.

·        You will be responsible for giving the "OK" for our sound technician to push "start".

·        Music must be on a CD and clearly labeled with your team name and performance division

         (ie: "Pom").  Your performance song must be "track one" on the CD and it must be the only 

         song on the CD.  All music will be collected at registration.   

·        We require that you bring two copies of music in case there is are any problems with your CD.

·        Music must be age-appropriate and appropriate for all family viewing.



·        Choreography is not allowed in your entrance or exit.

·        You will not be judged on your entrance and exit.

·        Please enter and exit as quickly as possible to keep the performances running on schedule.



·        Dance Shoes must be worn for all performances.  "Dance Paws" or "Undeez" are acceptable.

·        Jewelry is acceptable as part of your costume.

·        Costumes must be age-appropriate and appropriate for all family viewing.



Any questions that concern the competition, rules, divisions, performance, etc. should be submitted by the head coach of the team to the competition director.  If you have any questions with our rules and regulations, please email us at [email protected].