Lakefront Dance Classic

   Sunday, January 13th, 2019   South Milwaukee High School PAC

General Information


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The SMPAC is a partial-thrust proscenium style stage. The proscenium opening is 42'6" wide by 24' high.  The total stage depth is 48'. The total stage width is 93'6" wall to wall. From the centerline to the stage left wall there is 43'6" of usable space. From the centerline to the fly rail stage right there is 46' of usable space. Seating is on a single raked level with a total seating capacity of 786 seats in 6 sections.  For more information on the SMPAC, please visit the website at




The South Milwaukee PAC is located at 901 15th Avenue, South Milwaukee, WI 53172.

Please park in the Northwest parking lot and enter the building at Door #9.  There will be ample signage directing you to the appropriate lot and building entrance.


General Schedule (*approximate times)

Doors Open for Teams and Spectators - 7:45 am

Team Competition Begins - 9:00 am

Solo and Duet/Trio/Ensemble Competitions Begins - 1:00 pm

Exhibition performances will be performed after the team Pom division

Team awards will follow team competition.  Solo and Duet/Trio/Ensemble awards will follow Solo and Duet/Trio/Ensemble competition.



Awards will be given to top team placers in each division.  For any division having one entry, a point total determined by the directors must be met in order to receive a trophy.

The number of places will be determined by the number of teams registered in each division.


Squad Entrance/Exit

All teams must be backstage with a team on stage, on deck, and on hold.  There will be a designated practice area backstage where teams may mark their routine prior to performance.  Each team will have a four (4) minute time slot to use the practice area.  The practice area will have a small sound system for your use.  The practice area is not mandatory and it is your responsibility to go the practice room (approximately five (5) performances before your scheduled performance) to take advantage of your four minute time slot.

All teams must enter stage right and exit stage right.  Staff will be behind stage to direct teams during their entrance and exit.



We are excited to have a variety of vendors contributing to the event.  Mark Malec Photography will be taking action shots throughout the day and Zaker Productions will be filming the day's performances.  Event t-shirts and other souvenirs will also be available for purchase.  There will be concessions available all day for your enjoyment.


Videotaping Policy

You may only record the performances of the team that your child is performing with.  Anyone taping teams other than their own will be asked to leave and we reserve the right to confiscate your tape.  All performances will be professionally filmed and can be ordered.



Flash photography is not allowed.  Action shots will be taken throughout the day and can be ordered.


Admission Prices

All participants and spectators will need a wristband for admission. Spectators can purchase wristbands at the door the day of the event.  

Only registered team members and two coach(es) on file with the event staff will be admitted for free.  Participant and coach wristbands will be given out the morning of the event at Registration.


Adult - $5

Student - $4

Children under 5 - FREE



General Announcements

Lost and found is located at the concessions table.

If you leave the building and would like to return, please obtain a hand stamp from the admissions table.

We ask that you do not ?save? large areas in the venue.  Seating is on a first-come basis.

Please comply with fire safety regulations and keep the aisles free and doorways unobstructed.

We ask that you remain seated during performances. Please also remain seated during the entire awards ceremony out of respect of the competing teams.

No food or drink allowed in auditorium.  There will be a large cafeteria area outside of the auditorium for you to enjoy concessions.

Please follow general sportsmanship rules as outlined in the "Rules and Regulations" section.

Once your team is registered and paid, we will not be issuing any refunds.

If you encounter any problems, or have a concern, please locate an event staffer.  Feel free to email us after the event [email protected] with any suggestions and feedback!